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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Malverde/La Condesa Part I

*Photos by Rebecca

In Spanish, Malverde would literally translate to "bad green", but I thought Malverde, the new Mexican-inspired 2nd-story 2nd Street District bar, radiated with vibrant shades of green, from the turquoise-colored stairs leading up to the venue, to the fresh mint leaves kept handy at the bar for custom-made mojitos, to the limes that adorned and flavored every glass handed out to the happy hour-ers. I had been anxiously waiting to try out La Condesa, the new Mexican art and food-inspired dining spot on 2nd Street that sits just below Malverde. Allison gave me the opportunity to try it out at one of the Art + Style events in the 2nd Street District leading up to Art Week Austin (April 22-26), and I jumped on it (even though I got rained on in the process!). This is part 1 of a posting about the restaurant, because I just got to sample some of the savory tacos on their menu (even served to me by the chef himself, and the brother of the artist that produced the eclectic pieces on the walls), but will write about a full meal and experience when I return!

Spring/Summer Bar Recommendation: Malverde on 2nd Street. Fresh drinks, with watermelon, lime, fresh mint, and even rose petals that adorn your refreshment. The woody, open feel, with the downtown view makes this perfect for a spring or summer happy hour location. Head downstairs to La Condesa for dinner after to experience the feel of the La Condesa district of Mexico!

Even though I got rained on as I was heading home, I looked up and saw a rainbow..maybe a sign that I found a winner! (or a much-needed reminder that just when things seem gloomy, there is hope!)

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  1. Menu looks like it has some intriguing options. Will put this one on the list to check out along with Corazon and Maria, Maria... which also seem like they could offer up some good options.