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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Follower Poll: Blog Topics of Interest

Since this blog is only about 1 week old, I've asked my first loyal followers to provide feedback on what they are interested in. I'll keep the polls coming so I can continue to blog about things you want to read about, and hopefully try!

Topics by Percentage of Interest

  • 77% Restaurants
  • 55% Music
  • 44% Recipes/Ideas for Home Entertaining
  • 33% Local Activities/Specials by Day
  • 33% Travel Tourist Attractions in Other Cities

    So, what am I gonna do about it?? I'll try to give you restaurant ideas in the context of entertaining and what occasions they would be most appropriate for. But, the focus of the blog is still all kinds of entertaining, and is not intended to be based on restaurant critiques, though I can point you in the direction of some fabulous ones for that purpose!

    For music recommendations, I'll keep my eyes and ears out open for new artists, songs, and upcoming music events I think you would find interesting. I'm glad my followers are excited about music, because this will help me explore and discover new music as well :)

    Recipes...well I love them, and I'll continue to use this blog as a way to share them with you and how you can use them for entertaining! Please comment on them if you try them or have suggestions/feedback, so I can improve recipe rebeccammendations!

    Stay tuned for more enteraining fun, and thanks for voting!

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