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Friday, March 27, 2009

It's not sweet-ish, it's just sweet!

I am eating Sweetish Hill Bakery and Cafe's unforgettable, crave-licious, tuna sandwhich as we speak (and I don't even want to put it down to write this, but for the sake of enhancing your life, I'll put off my next bite a few minutes), and it is just as fresh, and magnetic as always. If you're a tuna person, you HAVE to try it. I like it on their fresh-baked-daily wheat bread, with a firm, but soft crust embellished with sesame seeds to enhance the flavor. Sweetish Hill has been an Austin tradition for 30 years, and is still going strong! The main location is on W. 6th, but there is a hidden back door to their smaller location in the Baker Botts building on Cesar Chavez, that I frequent on days when I run out of fresh groceries and can get out of the office to take a bite into this delicacy. Something about the off-the-beaten path small location makes me feel like I know about an Austin best-kept secret...but now you have the key! Their motto is "Taste Buds Remember," and after having this once, my taste buds have never forgotten, and always find their way back to Sweetish Hill.

Protein and flavor-packed lunch recommendation: Sweetish Hill Bakery & Cafe, specifically their tuna sandwich!

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