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Monday, April 6, 2009

Maria's Taco Xpress!

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As much as I'd like to say that I come up with all of my "Rebeccammendations," you loyal followers should know that I often receive rec's from many valuable sources (and I will give credit where it's due, but not reveal the top secret ones:)). Several of my friendly advisors suggested we hold the 2nd Austin Breakfast Club meeting at Maria's Taco Xpress on South LAMAR...(I misdirected the group to S. 1st and take full responsibility for anyone who never arrived as a result). Rule #1 for entertaining: pick the right location, and if you've never been there, ask questions and make a plan for entertaining a large group there (do you need reservations? is there outdoor seating that's first-come, first-serve? are Sunday's busy?). This is where I learned my lesson. You see, Maria's Taco Xpress is not just a little cafe hidden off of S. Lamar that draws visitors only by it's visible-from-the-street sign of Maria inviting guests with her open arms. It is a large operation. There must have been at least 150 hungry and loyal visitors, between the inside and the outside patio. This Sunday happened to be a particularly busy Sunday for Maria's, as there was a line out the door for those waiting to order their authentic breakfast and lunch tacos. Despite the challenge for gathering up enough chairs to seat our group, and getting everyone through the long line and to finally receive their tacos, it was a great location! Bottom line--it's Austiny, it's fun, it has an outdoor patio, and indoor seating, it has breakfast tacos, spicy salsa, and there's something about the anticipation of waiting for your order number to be called that makes the delicious tortillas filled to the brim worth waiting for!

*Entertainment tip: If you're headed there with a group, make sure to arrive ahead of time to secure a table while your guests get in line to order. It get's packed, but a healthy sign of a hoppin' business and tasty food!

Breakfast/Lunch/Mexican Restaurant Recommendation: Maria's Taco Xpress on S. Lamar. Also, check out Taste No Evil Muffins, housed in an old trolley (or Austin's Dillo) in the parking lot out front, if you're looking for a local sweet treat, freshly made by Karisa Prestera . Flavors range from Cran Bran Breakfast Bonanza, to Chocolate Sinsation, and even gluten-free flavors that include Chocolate-Almond. MMMMmm...

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