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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bar Food Gone Classy: Max's Wine Dive Coming Soon!

Max's Wine Dive, which originated in Houston, TX, was "named one of the "Hot 10" Wine Bars in the country," according to Bon Appetit in October 2008, and it's coming to Austin next month! Its home away from home will be located at 207 San Jacinto, and is currently under construction.

I scoped out the menu online, and it seems to be one-of-a-kind...not following traditional trends of mixing bar food with beer, but rather putting a classy twist on casual bar food, and pairing it with wine. You'll find creative comfort (bar) food menu options, such as Gulf-spacho (cold vegetable and seafood soup), Buffalo Sliders, Gator Bites, Max&Cheese with an added twist of truffle oil, Kobe Beef Burgers, the Texas "Haute" Dog, and even The Tree Hugger (a focaccia sandwhich with veggies). There are also some healthy options, including Salmon, Sea Bass, and a variety of fresh salads.

Just a heads up, don't confuse this bar food with $5 chicken wings, or a cheap order of fries. I describe it as classy casual...the "classy" referring to the higher price range, and the "casual" describes their inspiration for the menu. In fact, the cheapest wine-by-the-glass I saw was a $8.75 Malbec, but, in this town, they're bound to have happy hour specials!

Group Entertainment Spot/Restaurant Coming Soon: Max's Wine Dive at 207 San Jacinto in Downtown Austin, opening May 2009. FYI, they also have lunch and brunch (this looks delicious, and the most reasonable of all of their menus).

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