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Monday, March 16, 2009

Why "The Rebeccammendations"?

Since collecting hobbies is my ultimate hobby, I was just uploading pictures of my latest kitchen creation (hamantashen) to Flickr, a photo-sharing website, where I post my photography, and realized I didn't have another avenue through which to share these pictures. I decided to combine all of my interests into this blog, with a focus on the art of entertaining others and yourself! I had some friends in town this weekend, and often have family coming to visit me and my younger sis, Allyson, who also lives in Austin, and am usually the restaurant reservation maker and adjuster (I always make dinner reservations for 7:30 PM to avoid crabby and hungry family members, and never fails, we always push them to 8 PM because no one is ready in time)! So, I will try to use this blog to provide my "Rebeccammendations" on restaurants, Austin sites to see, even top spots from my travel adventures, music, crafty ideas, and of course, recipes for all occasions! And, I'll try to incorporate my photography to give you a visual of these ideas as I go along. I hope these "Rebeccammendations" help you plan and entertain for any event!

Also, feel free to comment and ask for "Rebeccammendations" when you're in a bind, and I'll try to help!

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