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Monday, March 16, 2009

I Usually Don't Settle, but here "OK is Alright With Me"

My sister Allyson and I rarely agree on music. Country is definitely a no-no for her, and half of the music she listens to I've never even heard of before. But, one singer/songwriter we strongly agree on is Eric Hutchinson. He was first noticed when his song "Rock and Roll" debuted on the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 movie soundtrack. Now, he's slowly climbing up the ranks with a similar talent to Jason Mraz, and recently opened for O.A.R. We went to the concert at Austin Music Hall, where most people were there to see O.A.R., but we had first row standing views of the guy-next-door who was full of energy, with magical fingers that powerfully hit the keyboard keys as he sang solo with maybe two backup bandmembers. We even posed for a picture with this up-and-coming artist at the end of the show!
Recommended for: fun, light-hearted, no-frills singer/songwriter material this Spring/Summer! Also good background tunes for a casual dinner party or cook-out perhaps. Favorites include "OK is Alright With Me" and "Oh!"
More music recommendations, on the more "chill" side: The Gabe Dixon Band, Johnny Helm, and Brett Dennen for work, relaxation, or rainy day music.

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