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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welsh Bluesy Pop

If you like my post about Adele, or have already been a fan of her music, you might like the Welsh singer-songwriter, Duffy (full name is really Aimee Ann Duffy), who's debut album was the top selling album in the U.K. in 2008. I first heard her hit, "Mercy," but was just introduced to some of her other music. I would describe her voice as a combination of Adele (deep, recognizable sound) and Norah Jones (the bluesy-ness) and some of her songs even have a pop/rock aspect to them. Overall, I enjoy listening to her voice, no matter what form of music it comes in! Try it out!

Chill Bluesy Music Recommendation: Duffy's "Warwick Avenue", "Stepping Stone", "Rockferry", and "Syrup & Honey"

Funky, energetic Music Recommendation: Duffy's "Mercy" and "Rain on Your Parade"

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