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Sunday, March 29, 2009

"What's your flava...tell me what's your flava"

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When it comes to flavor and good taste, whether with botanical design, or creative s'mores, La-Dee-Dah and Treat know how to do it right. This weekend, I was entertaining Jason, a special family friend, during his first trip to the ATX. It was undebatable that we had to show him the quirky Austin trailors, with a stop at Torchy's Tacos at the South Austin Trailor Park & Eatery on S. 1st. As we were waiting for our tacos, I stepped inside the La-Dee-Dah trailor that I had heard so much about. Inside, I was surprised to find such unique botanical creations by Lauren Dolinksy of LD Design Studio made of succulents, colorful rocks, and even branches arranged in such a way that I was drawn to them, admiring every detail. (For those of you who aren't familiar, succulents are plants that retain water, and are therefore eco-friendly, which makes these fall under my Green Entertaining Rebeccamendation category). After talking to the expert working there, I learned that these are "plants for people who kill plants," meaning, they require very little water, mostly misting every few days, and that the only risk is too much watering, not too little. I immediately thought this "botanical couture" (as described on the website) would be a unique gift for a housewarming party, or really a gift for any occasion, where these living works of art could serve as a conversation-starter centerpiece, or a piece of art to decorate a living space and catch the eye of visiting guests. La-Dee-Dah also houses hand-made headbands, home accessories, cards, gifts, and even "Chai Ya'll" and "Chai Fidelity" specially-designed American Apparel t-shirts.

I also learned that Treat, the flavored "designer" s'mores station at the end of the trailor will be relocating to it's very own airstream trailor home at the South Austin Trailor Park & Eatery near the 2nd week of April. I can't wait to try this spin on the classic outdoor dessert, with flavored marshmallows that range from Raspberry, to Chocomint, to Lavender Lemon. There is even a private campfire for roasting if you visit this tasty trailor.
Entertaining Decor Recommendation: Botanical art by Lauren (LD Design Studio) at La-Dee-Dah
Dessert Entertainment Activity any time: Treat's flavored marshmallow s'mores at the new airstream trailor coming soon this April.
Breakfast Taco/Lunch Recommendation: Torchy's Tacos at the S. Austin Trailor & Eatery, S. 1st.

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