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Monday, March 23, 2009

Dessert for 12 for $5.88!

I know I preach fresh and make-it-yourself food, but there are those last minute social gatherings that arise that call for a quick response, and I have just the solution! Today I took a leap of faith and ran to Whole Foods after work hoping to find a reasonably-priced mini-cake for Joelle's birthday dinner tonight (the invite was sent out just last night). I was just about to compromise on size (running the risk of some guests not getting dessert), when I found an amazing invention--Sweet Bites, or basically, mini cupcakes, for $0.50 each! 12 individually-sized cupcakes for a total of $5.88! Whole Foods can be pricey at times, but if you know where to look, you can find a delicious bakery bargain that won't break the bank, will taste great, and no one will go home without a satisfied sweet tooth!
Short on Time and on Budget Dessert Recommendation: Sweet Bites can be found in the bakery (in the back left hand corner) of the Flagship Whole Foods on 6th and Lamar. Have a baker pack you a container of assorted Bites, or grab a ready-made all chocolate or all vanilla set on the go.


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  2. They were delicious too, I can vouch for that!

  3. Joelle! Glad you liked them and thanks for including us in your bday celebration! Because of you, I had something to blog about tonight! What a great find :)

  4. those are so cute!!! i want one!