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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beef & Pie &...Coffee, a Lovely Combination!

About three weeks ago, Jen and I were tasked with a creative project at our technology consulting workplace (not usually creative) with our assignment being, "Go make a video." Jen was given a very large budget, and a small amount of time, to find a video production company and begin our promotional video for a presentation that we soon found out would be held only about 3 weeks later. And, this wasn't supposed to be a cheesy commercial. We work with large government technology contracts, and to say the least, the stakes were high, very high. Through one of our partners, we were lucky enough to have Beef & Pie land in our laps and work with us day and night for about 10 days to produce the final product. It was an incredible experience! They were so fun to work with, and the resulting video was just what we needed, funny, yet emotional enough to be persuasive (somewhat like the title of their's pretty funny when you first hear it, but when it comes down to it, most people don't joke about serious food like good meat and decadent dessert). Not only is their creative work dazzling, but their secret motivation and the fuel that keeps them charismatic is their very own Beef& Pie coffee! We had the privilege of tasting a few cups as we edited the final product, and we were sold!

Local Coffee Recommendation: Next time you're at Whole Foods on 6th and Lamar, and are thinking about stopping by the Starbucks across the street, take the elevator 1 floor up to the Pure Austin gym to endulge in a cup of freshly brewed Beef&Pie coffee!

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